Welcome to Little Hearts School

Little Hearts is a teaching school designed to train and to aid in the development of 18 month olds to 4 year olds. Our goal is to help each child develop into his/her full potential spiritually, intellectually, physically, and socially. The curriculum is based on achieving this goal and is designed to provide a creative learning experience that teaches Christian principles.

Our curriculum includes Bible, art, music, social studies, library, and P.E. Through these the children are introduced to basic colors, numbers, and reading readiness. It also focuses on eight units of learning:
1. God Made Me - I'm Special
2. Me and My Family
3. I Am Thankful
4. Giving
5. Community Helpers
6. Helping
7. Sharing
8. Discovering My World








Social Studies

Reading Readiness
At Little Hearts we want to work with parents and caregivers to provide a positive experience. The following guidelines are designed to involve the parents as much as possible in order for you to share in your child’s learning experiences.

1. A monthly calendar will be sent home explaining the Bible lessons, aims, activities, etc.
2. Each school year we schedule an Open House in the evening so your child can show you around the school.
3. Parents are encouraged to participate in class holiday parties and birthday parties.
4. Parents are welcome to visit our school at any time.


Our children LOVE Little Hearts!! Our daughter attended for the ages of 3 and 4 and our son is currently enrolled in his second year. We have been so pleased with the curriculum that includes a little bit of everything; it is a perfect introduction to ‘school’ for our kids. Mrs. Johnnie and her staff are, in a word, AMAZING! The love that they show the children cannot be matched. As parents, there is never a day that we doubt the love and care that is shown to the children that attend Little Hearts. Our hearts are warmed each day when our son comes home singing songs he has learned, recites a Bible verse, proudly shows off the work he did that day, or just simply tells us about the day they had at school. We highly recommend Little Hearts School to anyone looking to place their child in a nurturing, Christian based program!

The Mayfield Family   

We love Little Hearts! Our third kiddo just started this year. (All three have attended.) The Montessori-like curriculum is always pushing them to learn more and we love the Christ-centered teaching. The schedule also allows us to have time without them (and let the kiddos socialize) and yet, take an active role in helping teach them at home. If we have another, it’s a guarantee that the fourth will attend too!

The Peterson Family